Eureka Springs has an Escape Room Adventure

Escape Room 13 is an immersive live action story with secret messages, hidden passages, and all fun that puts you in the story. If you have ever enjoyed a board game with a great group of friends or family, you will absolutely love this.
Eureka Springs has such a rich and exciting history. Escape Room 13 has adapted the 1922 Eureka Springs Bank Heist into a story that anyone from 8 years old to over 80 years old can enjoy. You get a hands on experience with secret messages, hidden passages and more. This is not a scary event. It is date night, and family friendly.
Book your trip to Escape Room 13 online by clicking this link: or give them a call at 479-308-8624. They are located at 13 N. Main St. right here in Eureka Springs.
*If you’re interested in being highlighted as Chamber Member of the Week, send an email to*
For more information visit

Want to add this adventure to your visit to Eureka Springs while staying at the best little B&B in Eureka Springs? Let the Innkeeper know and he will make arrangements for your reservation.

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